The world's only trophy for a warm up.

The North Face 100 Ultra Marathon is so tough, it makes other marathons look like a warm-up. To recruit hardcore runners, we hijacked the finish line of one of Asia’s biggest marathons, and awarded finishers with the ultimate symbol of under-achievement – The Great Warm-Up Cup – plated in gold, dripping with irony. The message?  Great Warm Up.
Now sign up for a real race.


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Designing a space where innovation meets inspiration.

At the height of the Olympics season, Nike set out to energise the running community in Singapore. We launched a pop up store at a heritage site in the heart of town showcasing the best innovations from Nike.


Visitors, that's all we are.

Wrote this piece for MemoriesLab, a Hong Kong based high quality printing studio. Beautifully shot in Iceland by Black and White master director Mathieu Cesar, "Treasure Today" is an ode to the passage of time, the beauty of the moment, and how we are all just visitors on this planet.  The film won at Cannes 2016 for its cinematic prowess.

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The Tale of Two Sisters.

To launch the Samsung Galaxy S4 and its sidekick, the Galaxy Gear, we told the story of Samantha and Anais, Korean twins separated at birth who found each online years later. Their amazing story of human connection was the backbone of our brand promise "always in sync".

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Turning a Marathon into a Warm-Up.
To recruit runners for The North Face 100 Ultra Marathon, we hijacked of one of Asia's biggest marathons, and turned into a mere warm up.

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When merchandise becomes exercise.

The North Face 100 Ultra Marathon is a punishing race through 100 Kilometres of unforgiving outdoor terrain. The best way to warm up? Gear up. With TNF Gear.  Once registration for the race started, we gif-animated all the products on our T-Mall Store (China’s largest E-Store) into warm-up exercises. The exercise names were embedded in the product description, and were chosen by consulting professional fitness experts, so shoppers could really practice them, effectively turning gearing up into warming up.  


Why hire an influencer, when you can invent one?

In China, most brands just pay popular “KOLs” to create content. When HP—w/ its brand core of invent—re-launched in the country, they defied convention and didn’t hire a KOL. Instead, HP invented a KOL.

With the sitcom : “Life of a KOL Paid Millions by HP to Create Content Every Week and Spread to His Followers to Sell HP Products”

In self-aware (and often ruthless :) ) lampoon of KOL culture, each of 10 episodes shows Kerry—an IT manager accidentally hired as a KOL—and his misadventures in creating stereotypical KOL content.



Brand Platform Launch
A short beautiful narrative of one girl's hopes and dreams for her hometown provided the backdrop to launch Samsung's global "Launching People" platform.


Turning the world's most loved board-game into a history lesson.

Hasbro Singapore briefed us to concept and design a local version of Monopoly. Seeing how many famous landmarks had been repurposed throughout Singapore's brief history, we developed a two-sided version, one showing their historical roots, and its present day manifestation.

To launch this unique edition, I wrote this TVC (my first!) which aired in cinemas and homes nationally.

All artwork for the board and TVC by Elen Winata.


The Game is Never Over.

To launch HP's gaming platform in China, we took true Chinese gaming insights and turned it into a world of it own. The film aired in front of 10 million Chinese millennials in the nation's capital to much fanfare.




Product features that pop.

Crazy colourful videos that explore key features of Samsung's Galaxy S5.

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It's not every day gamers go to war over your ads.

When HP launched their new gaming laptop, the OMEN, we just knew millennial gamers would love it. But we also knew …they’re not watching ads. They’re on their mobiles phones and tablets,  playing games like Clash of Clans.

But instead spending a fortune on annoying in-game ads, we created ads they’d go to war over .

Copywriters: Jean-Baptiste Le Divelec,  Joseph Davies
Art Director: Sonali Ranjit

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The one where we got a band to a traffic jam.
To re-launch the MINI Cabrio under the platform "Music Moves with MINI",  we took to the roads with a band to make traffic jams, slightly less mundane. Lots of fun with this activation.