180 Degrees of Fun.

F&N is the leading soft drink beverage brand in Singapore. Every year, they have a dance competition bringing together some of the most vibrant talents in the country. For one instalment, we created a 180-degree Matrix-esque installation to capture the competing teams' explosive stances, which were then aired on national television just before their routine was broadcast live. The hard part was keeping track of all those cameras!


A mobile site which shows portraits in portrait mode and landscapes in landscape mode.
Visit on your mobile for a demo :)

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Using Captcha codes to release an album.

"Sapien" was a musical experiment which I did as a hobby. To launch the band's first (and only) album "Hello Mankind", we turned each track into a soundtrack for a fictional lo-fi space movie. We used the most ubiquitous human-checking device on the internet, Captcha Codes, as a gauntlet for users to download each track.

The result? It was one of the most annoying, badly designed UX monstrosities to exist on the inter-web. But thousands of people downloaded the album and it went all over the world, picking up an FWA along the way.

What i learnt? Weird sometimes works.



Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 9.08.46 PM.png

Ever wanted to know what 1,000 selfies look like? Know you do.

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It all started when…

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