‘Make It Anyway’, a campaign for VSCO, confronts the spaces in between the finished piece. Shot on 16mm film, with 3 different crews across 3 countries. Featuring Montreal based artist Gab Bois, NYC based Monica Hernandez, Shaquille O’Niel from London.


Creator Mónica Hernández is making space for procrastination within her creative process.


Creator Shaquille-Aaron Keith is constantly exploring whether he makes art for himself, or for others.


Creator Gab Bois is negotiating self-doubt with the need to create.

Post Campaign Interview with VSCO Founder Joel Flory about VSCO’s role in a prevalent “Compare Culture”.

Instagram Stories.
We edited these to tell more intimate “B-side” story of the creators’ introspections.

Many Thanks To

Featured Artists: Mónica Hernández, Shaquille-Aaron Keith, Gab Bois
Director: Jess Kohl (Pretty Bird)
DOP: Oliver Millar (Montreal) | Todd Martin (New York) | Harry Wheeler (London)
Producer: Hannah Bellil (Pretty Bird)
Agency Producer: Martin Dale (AKQA)
Editors: Giorgio Gremigni & Kristina McCormick (AKQA)
Colour: Simon Bourne (Framestore)
Sound: Raffertie, James Heather (Ninja Tune)
Stills Photographers: Pegah Farah (Montreal) | Akram Shah (New York) | Richard Dowker (London)
Project Manager: Anna Drake (AKQA)
Creative Directors: Suki Heather, James Chorley (AKQA)
Media: Deanna & Isa
Art and Visuals: Adam Sharpe, Maggie Yu, Murry (AKQA)
Clients: Wayne, Gina, Spencer, Paloma, Tesa, and the wider team at VSCO — you guys rock.
And of course, the amazing crew at all locations who were endlessly supportive.